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Tapas is Spain, sharing food, wine and good times with happy people and friendly locals in your favourite spot.


Enjoy Spain ! enjoy Tapas Wine Collection !.

  What the hell are TAPAS?

by James Blick 

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Our story started ten years ago with a question. How do we combine the two things we most love about Spain; wine and tapas? After scouring Spain for superb wines and enjoying some delectable tapas along the way we arrived at The Tapas Wine Collection. The range showcases different wine styles from some of Spain’s most exciting wine regions. The Wine and Tapas Collection - a marriage made in heaven that we know you’ll enjoy!

~The Tapas Wine Collection team.



Our wine growing regions

Spain is a fascinating country for wine lovers with a dazzling array of unique micro climates, soil types and varietals culminating in sensational, world-class wines. With The Tapas Wine Collection range you’ll discover exciting wine regions such as Navarra – known in Spain for its rosés and old vine Garnachas. Valencia – known for its fresh innovative, wines and Requena home to some of Spain’s most interesting Cava.


Our varietals

Each varietal in The Tapas Wine Collection tells its own unique story and showcases Spanish wine as being anything but stuffy and conventional. Old Vine Garnacha, Tempranillo, Verdejo, Rosés made from Garnacha or bubbly Moscato.

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T. +34 968 435 137


Casas de la Hoya, S/N,.

30520 Jumilla - SPAIN


Mon - Fri:  9:00 - 18.00

Please make contact before visiting.

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