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The Tapas Wine Collection Moscato 2010 D
The Tapas Wine Collection Moscato 2010 D


Region                    Valencia D.O

Size                          0,75 ml

Grape                       Moscatel

Alc. Vol. %                5,00 

Residual Sugar              60 gr/L

Volatile acidity              5,70 gr/L

Type                         Frizzante Wine

Ageing                     Young

Moscato Frizzante celebrates its effervescences the moment it is pour into your glass. The soft bubbles dance around bursting with delicate aromas of orange blossoms and honeysuckle typical of the Moscato vibrantly know throughout ValencIa, Spain.

Terroir and Vineyards

Valle Valentino & Alto Turia in the heart of Valencia.  Low altitude area planted with the traditional Moscatel Romano (Muscat). This extremely aromatic white grape needs steady warm temperatures to express its huge potential.

Moscatel area has produced for centuries our Moscatel sweet wine widely appreciated as a desert or appetizer.


The grapes were handpicked at the optimum stage of ripeness during the first forth night of September. The juices are stored throughout the year in insulated stainless steel tanks below 5ºC. Three weeks prior to bobling the juices are fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks of 15.000 liters at 12‑16ºC. Charmat Method fermentation stopped at 1‑2ºbrix. Clarified filtered. Residual sugar was then adjusted with natural grape must concentrate to 60gr/L and CO2 was adjusted to 1800ppm by dosage prior to bobling.

Tasting notes

Bright lemon‑gold color with light pearliness. The nose is clean, youthful with pronounced fruit and floral notes reminiscent of mandarin peel, honeysuckle and sweet orange blossom. On the palate it has a sweet lusciousness that coats the mouth and yet refreshes itself with airy bubbles and harmonious balance.

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