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Region                    Jumilla D.O

Size                          0,75 ml

Grape                     Monastrell

Alc. Vol. %                14

Residual Sugar              6.3 gr/L

Volatile acidity              0,29 gr/L

Type                         Red Wine

Ageing                       Young

In Murcia and the DO of Jumilla there is really one king of the grapes: Monastrell. The heat and the intensity of the landscape is reflected in the wines. Intense and jammy, these hardy grapes produce wines that are inky dark and bursting with dried red and black fruits like blackberry preserves and chocolatey plums.  

Located in the eastern part of the Baetic Mountains, 80 km from the Mediterranean and at a height of 600 m above sea level, Jumilla boasts a continental Mediterranean climate which is semi-arid in nature. It also has a very irregular rainfall of about 300 litres a year, mostly in spring and autumn. It is sometimes torrential and often falls with hailstones. Our vineyards are located in plots spread over different areas of the substantial municipal area. As a result, we have reduced the risk of losing the whole of our harvest due to hailstones and it also gives us variety in the type of soil, altitude and orientation on hillsides and valleys.  

The different locations lead to different absorption of solar radiation, temperature and exposure to the wind. This gives us different stages of ripeness and offers us a staggered grape harvest, producing grapes with many different subtleties. 

The grapes normally are harvested at the optimum stage of ripeness during the second week of September. Temperature controlled fermentation steel tanks of 25.000 kg at 26-28ºC over for 25 days.  
Tasting notes

Deeply colored, with characteristic bright garnet tones of Monastrell, this wine’s nose dances nicely between forest fruits and floral, violet and lavender; with a background of peach, one of the most precious characters of balanced maturity in Monastrell. The palate is firm, medium structure with a very pleasant acidity. Result of the adaptation to warm climates of the compact clusters, where the maturity of the external grains and the acidity of the inmates are conjugated  

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