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The Tapas Wine Collection Cava Brut Dos.


Region                    Cava D.O

Vintage                    N/V

Size                          0,75 ml

Grape                     80% Macabeo/20% Perelada

Alc. Vol. %                14

Residual Sugar              12 gr/L

Volatile acidity              5,80 gr/L

Type                         Sparkling Wine

Ageing                     14 months in bottle


Vineyard location is in the high plateau of Requena (Valencia) , at 650 meters of altitude, orientation north‑south

with a light slope. Continental climate with a light Mediterranean. The domain has twelve hectares of vineyard with a limy and sandy soils being poor in organic material with good permeability. The yield is around 1,5 kg per vine stock aprox.


Harvest is done by hand in the early morning in order to have cool grapes. Grapes are pressed by latest technology of pneuma/c  presses, which is slow and gentle to the grapes, as well as protects them from oxidation. Cold setting fro 24 hours, racked off its fross lees and inoculated with a neutral yeast strain in stainless steel tanks in order to preserve natural fruit character. The malolactic fermentation is impeded to retain a vivid natural acidity. 

Once the primary fermentation is complete will make the blend for the base wine for. At this stage the alcohol is approximately 10%. 

Once the new cava blend is made, the wine is bubbled along with yeast, sugar, nutrients and bentonite and the wine is ready to undergo secondary fermentation. After 4‑6 weeks all sugar is consumed, CO2 is created, alcohol level reached12,3% and the lees sediment. The wine is aged on its own lees, which gives the wine a creamy palate as well as softens the mousse of the final wine. After 14 months the bubbles are riddled and disgorged. During disgorgement 8 grams of sugar is added to each bubble giving a final residual sugar concentration of 12 gr/l.

Tasting notes

A pale yellow color is obtained from a correct blending of our best wines. Fine and persistent bubbles we perceive a pleasantly intense aromas of rich croissant, resulting in a Cava that is mild and well balanced in the mouth

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The Tapas Wine Collection Cava Brut Dos.
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